FC is abducting and killing Baloch activists with the help of local informers: VBMP

561bfa76-a7b6-7c77Karachi: The sit-in protest of the families of Baloch abducted person entered 1071 days as whole whereas they have been protest in Karachi for 91 days. Several member of civil society visited the protest camp on Thursday to express their solidarity with family member of abducted Baloch. They also strongly condemned the on-going military operations and bombardments on civilian populations by Pakistan in different areas of Balochistan.

The vice chairman of Voice for Baloch Missing Persons, Mr Qadeer Baloch, informed the visitors that Pakistani forces, FC and intelligence agency are abducting Baloch Students, political and social activists with help of local notables who collaborate with the state’s intelligence agencies.

“The state forces and their proxy organisations are continuously abducted Baloch activists and brutally torture them to death under-custody. Military operations and raid on innocent people houses and villages have been daily occurrence in Balochistan,” Said Qadeer Baloch.

Mr Baloch said the killed and dump policy is Balochistan costs less to Pakistan that is why they have intensified this inhuman policy. However, such actions of Pakistan are unpardonable crimes under international laws.

Qadeer Baloch said, “No matter how hard Pakistan tries it cannot conceal its crimes from the international human rights organisation. The world knows about Pakistan’s evils designs.”

He said thousands of Baloch sacrificed their lives for a justice political and economic system, adding that even though many Baloch parliamentarian are want get the Baloch rights through Pakistan’s parliamentarian system but they know well that the Baloch can have their rights only in their own independent country.