Hundreds protest for release of their innocent children in Quetta

pic_ful_1Pakistani occupiers another planted story to defame the Baloch liberation struggle

Charges against our children are bogus: Families

Al Jazeera Report

Quetta: Hundreds of men, women and elderly people staged a strong protest demonstration on Thursday outside the Quetta Press Club against the arrest of 11 children being portrayed as paid workers of banned outfit United Baloch Army (UBA) by the law enforcement agencies.

The protesters were carrying placards inscribed with demands such as ‘we want justice’ and ‘release innocent children’. They chanted slogans against the government.

An aged women, resident of Killi Geo, describing herself as grandmother of Amir Khan, who is also in police custody said, “Security personnel forcibly entered our house violating our sanctity and abducted my grandson Amir.”

She said that arresting innocent children was in fact a shameful act and providing security to the people is responsibility of the government, but contrary to it the government itself is committing crime against the citizens.

“My brother Muhammad Sabir, 16, student of class IX was asleep when security personnel raided our home and picked him up saying they would only interrogate him,” Abdullah, brother of Sabir said while holding the portrait of his brother.

He said that security personnel had also abducted him but later he was set free. “Next day we searched all the nearby police stations to ascertain the whereabouts of Sabir but all out efforts went in vain,” he said, adding that they were shocked when the police produced him before the media showing him as a paid worker of UBA. “I know my brother very well. He is an intelligent boy who cannot be used by any group for the sake of a few pennies,” he remarked and demanded for his immediate release because he was giving his school papers.

Sanaullah, the brother of Munir Ahmed, 14, had a similar story to tell with tears rolling down his cheeks, “My brother Ahmed was arrested eight days ago and now the Frontier Corps and police are saying that he is a terrorist. He is an innocent boy who has nothing to do with any activities while the police are saying that he was arrested two days earlier, but the fact is he was picked up on March 7.”

The protestors later marched towards the Governor’s House where police barred them from crossing the road leading to the Governor’s House. They staged a sit-in over there and demanded immediate release of the arrested children.

Assistant Commissioner, Quetta Ahmed Ali held negotiations with the protestors and assured them that their legitimate demands would be fulfilled and their meeting would be arranged with Commissioner Quetta very soon.

Later, the protestors called off their protest and warned if their children were not released immediately they would widen their protest.