Pakistani forces abducted four more Baloch youths from Azyaan area of Tump

Brutal Face of Pakistani ArmyTump:  Pakistani occupying forces are continuing abductions of  Baloch youths. According to local media reports, Pakistan military have abducted four Baloch youths namely Majeed s/o Waleed Ahmed, Dilawar s/o Hammal, Mulla Kamalan and Muslim Baloch from Azyaan area of Tump in the Kech district. Pakistani military have shifted them to an undisclosed location, and whereabouts of all the abductees are not known like thousands of other  Baloch men, women and children who were previously abducted by the Pakistan army and her secret agencies.

It’s pertinent to mention here that last week four persons were abducted by unknown armed men from Mand area of Balochistan.

Local observers believe that once again sudden increase in abductions and custodial killings of the Baloch youths by Pakistani forces is only  meant to terrorize the local population, in order to pave way for the upcoming elections in Occupied Balochistan.