My dear Chinese Mothers! Professor Naela Quadri Baloch

554103_427761530611974_916487319_nMy Dear Chinese mothers

I am writing to you with deep grief and heartache to convey the message of Baloch mothers, a woman’s absorbent heart can understand much by saying less from a women’s aching heart. Our fourteen thousand loved ones including our daughters are abducted by Pakistan and Iran, we have received one thousand mutilated bodies of the gems like sons in last two years, our women and children are facing deaths due to bombardment on our civil populations, poisoning of water resources and state control on mobility and supplies of food and medicines. We understand this is painful for you but may be shocking to know that all this is baked and backed by China.
We have a high respect for the people of China and we still have expectations from you who once took the lead of revolutionary nations of the world in the great leadership of Chairman Mao Zedong. China became one of those great countries who showed respect for peace, equal rights and freedom of all nations. But your government’s role has proved completely opposite with the passage of time.
As you may know that our country Balochistan is the mother of human civilizations “Mehrgarh” eleven thousand years ago, Baloch Kurd women created this matrilineal civilization of peace and equity where the first wheel, geometry, chemistry, calendar, writing and many other important inventions and creations took place but no weapons, that is a legacy of all women as a women’s creation. In 19th century our country was occupied and divided into three parts by British colonial power and Included it in Iran, Afghanistan and the last free part was occupied by the artificial neo colonial state of Pakistan in 1948.
We the Baloch nation is in struggle of freedom and unification of our motherland for last one hundred years, we deserved the support of all peoples and nations of the world who believe in right of freedom as a fundamental human right, but it never happened. The first shaking of our trust in the “revolutionary” China was in 1958 when Chinese doctors were seen monitoring and guiding the process of torture of Baloch freedom leaders in a secret Pakistani prison; the notorious ‘Kuli camp’ in Shall (Quetta) Balochistan, it was not a coincidence that at the same time detailed survey work started for Saindak gold mine in Balochistan. After few years Chinese secret ties with an extremist terrorist country Pakistan, responsible for rape of a hundred thousand women in Bengal once a part of it, became open and official. In early 70s elected Baloch government was dissolved, military operation started on innocent Balochs and China got the contract to get gold from Saindak and Pakistan-China secret nuclear activities started in the same region under cover of mining. That proved on May 28, 1998 in devastating nuclear test changed our mountains into ashes, killed thousands of innocent people, surface water changed its color due to uncontrolled radioactivity 90% cattle and wild life died. Still we are facing miscarriages, birth of abnormal children and high rate of cancers.
Pakistan’s fifth military operation on Balochistan started in 2000 to suppress our voices against occupation of Gwadar port as a Pak-China joint plan, the bloodiest of all five operation that is still going on.  Through the ancient ages Balochs are defending the port of Gwadar from various invaders sacrificing precious lives. Portuguese (1502-1503) in the leadership of Vasco da gama after many failed attempts of occupation of Gwadar built a huge statue of Baloch leader Mir Hammal Jiand in Goa India to pay tributes to his bravery and superior naval strategies. Sustaining freedom has become more achievable in today’s modern techniques, affective communication and vocal presence of world’s nations who believe in rights of all indigenous people. Chinese voracity to loot Baloch gold mines oil gas resources, misuse Baloch land for nuclear adventurism and occupy Baloch ports for naval bases shows imperialist nature instead of a revolutionary one as it claims. Instead of supporting Baloch freedom struggle China joined hands with oppressor without your will and consent that resulted in a continuous dark age of state terror on Baloch since 50s till today.
Why I am writing this letter now? Because your government has changed its decades long proxy war against Baloch into a direct war by declaring that Chinese army will be grounded in Gwadar, as their proxy partner Pakistan is no more able to keep occupation by themselves. Means they are planning for Chinese mothers also to receive bodies of their precious sons along with Baloch mothers, that would be tragic and we know that no mother wants this, we are going through this bottomless pain for protection of our motherland but pain mixes with shame for a mother who receives body of a son killed during looting other nation’s wealth. If you will wear jewelry of Baloch blood gold I believe it shall be a burden on your conscience rather than pleasure. We are receiving bodies of our sons every day, earlier  their hearts and eyes were holed with drill machines, now we are receiving them without heart, liver, kidneys, lungs and eyes, Pakistan army is selling organs of our loved ones, bodies of our beloved abducted sons found on dissection tables in their medical colleges, our abducted daughters were seen in their rape cells reported by international human rights organizations, we can imagine what else they are doing with our missing sons and daughters. We know where your government and bureaucracy stand in this scene but we need to know where you stand. With the rapists tortures thieves of human body organs, killers and dacoits or with the aggrieved mothers of victims of your government policies.
Motherhood is equally gracious in China and in Balochistan, please raise your voices to stop our genocide join hands to stop the expected tragedies in your homes.
Let’s unite and call brave mothers from the world to stand with us for a peaceful and happier world for all.
In hopes and solidarity
Professor Naela Quadri Baloch
World Baloch Women’s Forum
It will be highly appreciated if freinds can translate it in Chinese and disseminate on Chinese media.