On 27th March 1948 Pakistan occupied sovereign state of Balochistan: Hyrbyair Marri

561bfa76-e333-f8ceQuetta: Baloch patriot leader Hyrbyair Marri on Friday announced to support the shutter down call strike by Baloch Salvation Front on 27 March 2013, the Online News reported.

He said on 27th March 1948 Pakistan not only occupied the Baloch state but also pushed the Baloch nation in the darkness of slavery. Hence, the Baloch are resisting on all fronts to get rid of the slavery and regain their freedom.

Mr Marri said the Baloch identity, culture, language and other occurrences of daily life have been under the influence of occupying states since the occupation of Balochistan. However, he said, it was a positive sign that brave Baloch youth have never let the evil designs of the occupying states to succeed.

“The state and its collaborators have used different mediums including intimidation, incentives and torture against freedom loving Baloch activists but none could deter the courageous Baloch youth from the struggle for freedom. Today in all four corners of Balochistan the pro-independence Baloch are challenging the hegemony of enemies over Balochistan. The consistent struggle Baloch people is an illustration of their determination and ideological maturity,” said Hyrbyair Marri.

The Baloch leader further said that Pakistan Peoples’ Party (PPP) with the help of Iran committed gross atrocities in Balochistan in 70s. Similarly, in the past five years the barbarism atrocities in Balochistan committed by PPP have exceeded the Human Rights Violation record in the history world.

Commenting on IPI (Iran-Pakistan-India) gas pipeline Mr Marri said Asif Ali Zardari in the final days of his government has proved his loyalty to the state machinery by signing the IPI agreement between Pakistan and Iran. He said, “Whether the agreements are with Iran, China or any anyone else [foreign state]; It is a known fact that occupying states agreement against the wishes of an occupied nation have no value and guarantee.”