Monthly Archive: April, 2013

BRP, BRSO organized protest rallies against Pakistani occupation and elections in Balochistan

Forces abducted 19 activists during the protests Baloch Republican Party and Baloch Republican Student Organization have organized protest rallies in different cities and towns of Balochistan including Shal, Noshki, Mashkay, Naseerabad, Jaffarabad and… Continue reading

Boycott Pakistani elections in Balochistan: Pro-freedom Baloch parties to launch anti election protests

Quetta: The pro-independence Baloch political parties and student organisations in their separate statements have announced to boycott Pakistani elections in Balochistan. The patriot Baloch parties that are boycotting the Pakistani elections include the Baloch… Continue reading

Rogue state Pakistan not serving purpose for which it was created: Hyrbyair Marri

London, April 12 (ANI): A senior Baloch leader has described Pakistan as a rogue state that has and will never serve the purpose for which it was created by the British in 1947.… Continue reading

JSMM activists are advised to stage Sindh wide protest rallies and demonstrations against Baloch genocide

JSMM activists are advised to stage protest rallies and demonstrations against Baloch genocide and fascist state operation in Balochistan on 15th of April. SHAFI BURFAT  I strongly condemn on-going military operation in Balochistan.… Continue reading

Seven Baloch activists abducted by Pakistani forces from Balochistan

Balochistan:  The Pakistani forces have reportedly abducted at least seven Baloch activists from different areas of Balochistan on today (Monday). According reports a Baloch activist namely Abdul Mutlib Baloch s/o Iman Din Baloch… Continue reading

Baloch pro-freedom parties condemn attack on Daily Tawar, protest against military operation

Quetta: Baloch pro-independence Baloch Parties and Student Organisations strongly condemn the attack on Daily Tawar’s office saying that the state was sacred of the Newspaper because of exposing the state atrocities in Balochistan and… Continue reading

By imposing ban on BSO (AZAD) Pakistan intends to remove a strong pillar

Quetta: In a press release, BSO (AZAD) spokesperson said that by banning BSO (AZAD) Pakistan wants to remove a strong pillar and binding force. In every nook and corners of Balochistan BSO (AZAD)… Continue reading

Ban on BSO (AZAD) and the recent attack on ”Daily Tawar” is the continuousness of imperialistic policies of Pakistan.

Quetta:  BSO (AZAD) spokesperson said that just before the upcoming election in Balochistan, Pakistani state is taking every possible barbaric and illegitimate step to suppress the strong voices from Baloch people against the… Continue reading

Baloch villages burnt by Pakistani forces during military operation in Naseerabad

Naseerabad: Pakistani forces have torched several Baloch villages in different areas of Naseerabad during a large-scale military operation earlier today. A large number of armored vehicles of Pakistani forces besieged the area and… Continue reading

Pakistani forces offensives continue in Dera Bugti, New Kahan and Gwadar towns of Balochistan

Balochistan: Pakistani forces offensives continue in Dera Bugti, New Kahan and Gwadar towns of Balochistan. Pakistani forces have reportedly conducted a military offensive in Doda tibba, Mohan Pat and other areas of Sui,… Continue reading