Ban on BSO (AZAD) and the recent attack on ”Daily Tawar” is the continuousness of imperialistic policies of Pakistan.

tawarQuetta:  BSO (AZAD) spokesperson said that just before the upcoming election in Balochistan, Pakistani state is taking every possible barbaric and illegitimate step to suppress the strong voices from Baloch people against the Pakistani Agents. For this same purpose as election is near, the state of Pakistan has intensified the abduction and dumping of mutilated bodies of Baloch political workers, the ban on BSO (AZAD) and the recent attack on ”Daily Tawar”, is the continuousness of imperialistic policies of Pakistan.

On the night of 6th April 2013, the intelligence agencies of Pakistan in 7 military Vigo vehicles along with 3 policemen carried an attack at the Karachi office of The Daily Tawar, the one of the real and sincere media representative of Baloch issue. The intelligence agencies has totally destroyed the Daily Tawar’s office, burnt down the whole record of office, while the military persons has looted the 5 computers, printers, generator and other electronic goods as well. Such low acts by Pakistan Army are done only to make their agents’ way go easier for the elections and to suppress every voice that may arouse against their agents. The attack on the real voice of Baloch nation (Daily Tawar) is to hide the truth from the world that how the Baloch nation have boycotted against the Pakistan, its elections and their agents.

Its high time for the journalist community all over the world to play their effective role to condemn state terrorism of Pakistan against free media and Baloch nation, also journalist community has to fail every Pakistani policy against suppression of Voice of Baloch nation.