By imposing ban on BSO (AZAD) Pakistan intends to remove a strong pillar

164210_448085488604241_506934514_nQuetta: In a press release, BSO (AZAD) spokesperson said that by banning BSO (AZAD) Pakistan wants to remove a strong pillar and binding force. In every nook and corners of Balochistan BSO (AZAD) has created history by uniting people for the movement, inducing them with fighting spirit and has attained martyrdom for their land whole heartedly. We have exposed the devilish face of Pakistan’s state evident on our people and proved it that their pledges and humbleness is fake due to which people today in Balochistan are ready to boycott the elections keeping their hands off the ballet. BSO (AZAD) has made its roots in the hearts of its people and have converged them unto the path to FREEDOM. Observing this unity amongst the Baloch masses and Baloch freedom fighters, the Pakistan state and its system has tried to cover up there façade by imposing ban on the BSO (AZAD). While BSO (AZAD) has been already treated like a banned organization and that is the reason why its workers, sympathizers and leaders are being constantly abducted and murdered. From Zakir Majeed Baloch to innocent Asif Baloch all are imprisoned in the barbaric cages of Pakistan’s intelligence agencies. People related to central and district committees have also faced a similar wrath where on one hand Shafi Baloch, Comrade Qayyum and Qambar Chakar were killed on the other hand zonal members were murdered too. Since its inception till date BSO has proved to be the strongest voice against the barbarism of Pakistani State and its machineries and while doing so it has made Baloch nation well equipped on ideological grounds about the greater Baloch cause. The Pakistani state also tried its luck by creating fractionalization in BSO, Baloch youth was shown the beautiful route to slavery by offering them different privileges and straying them from their goals.


Similarly today by forming “BSO Pajjar” and “BSO Mohiuddin” they again are trying to deviate Baloch youth from the struggle of the path of glory by offering them the harmonious path of unending slavery. In 2001 Dr. Allah Nazar projected this enthusiasm to the path of Baloch Freedom and organized BSO (AZAD) to further strengthen the movement. Inspite of the offered incentives BSO (AZAD) remained adamant on its stance and rejected the State of Pakistan and still does. It all goes to the basket of BSO (AZAD) which failed all moves of state to counter the movement. BSO (AZAD) has given thousands of lives of its workers and leaders to achieve liberation from Pakistan’s Imperialism and that’s why today it is facing a ban on its activity. It is transparent to every Baloch and World that there’s a Baloch Genocide taking place in Pakistan where Baloch nation is facing its tormentors in the form of death squads and intelligence agencies aimed at mass murdering Baloch nation.


By putting a ban on BSO (AZAD) along with other religious militant groups is a way of aligning BSO (AZAD) with religious terrorist. But let us reinstate the fact that we are a student organization which aims at nurturing Baloch cadre for the freedom and Baloch cause and has provided them a platform for fighting with renewed vigor. BSO (AZAD) along with several other freedom fighting groups is fighting for the basic right of every human being which is “INDEPENDENCE AT HIS/HER WILL”. This is a basic law incorporated in the charters of UNO as well. Those who think that by imposing bans on us can make us weak or away from spreading awareness on basic rights of Baloch are fooling themselves. It seems as if like Baloch nation even the Sindhi’s today are facing a similar oppressor, BSO (AZAD) believes in sympathizing and arousing voice for downtrodden nations of the world and today Sindhi nation is facing a similar dilemma. Nations which fail to assert themselves on enemies get vanished form the pages of history. In order to further strengthen the fight against Pakistan State sponsored terrorist, Baloch nation today more than ever needs to review its weaknesses and should try to get rid of those weaknesses and should stand UNITE in front off every hurdle that comes in their way of achieving the greater Baloch cause.