BRP, BRSO organized protest rallies against Pakistani occupation and elections in Balochistan

533294_559691824054123_1802178367_nForces abducted 19 activists during the protests

Baloch Republican Party and Baloch Republican Student Organization have organized protest rallies in different cities and towns of Balochistan including Shal, Noshki, Mashkay, Naseerabad, Jaffarabad and DeraBugti against illegal occupation and Pakistani elections in Balochistan. A large number of political activists of BRP and student activists of BRSO took out a huge protest rally in Shal (Quetta). A large crowd of Baloch people including women and children also took part in the rally.

Protesters were carrying placards, banners, pictures of state victims including Baloch missing persons and martyrs. Participants chanted slogans against Pakistan illegal occupation and upcoming Pakistani general elections in Balochistan. BRP and BRSO leaders including Banuk Hooran Baloch spoke to the rally and condemned state atrocities, military operations, human rights abuses and upcoming elections in Balochistan. Speakers said that the solution to Balochistan problem is not the Pakistani elections but rather end to the illegal occupation and withdrawal of its forces from Balochistan.

They said that elections were a tool by the state to further enslave the Baloch nation and a continuity of Baloch genocidal policies. They said that the aim of the protest rally was to show the international community that the Baloch people had nothing to do with Pakistan and its elections and the only solution for Balochistan crises is complete independence of their land. The rally participants condemned the so-called nationalist parties for deciding to participate in elections and longing for the parliament of Pakistan. They said that participating in Pakistani elections is synonymous of treason with the blood of Baloch martyrs and the Baloch motherland. Participants appealed to the international community to acknowledge the fact that the elections of Pakistan are not the solution of Balochistan problem and to recognize Balochistan as an occupied territory & support the Baloch freedom movement.

Similar protest rallies were organized by BRP and BRSO activists in Noshki, Mashkay, Dera Murad Jamali, Dera Allahyar and Dera Bugti. Pakistani forces created hurdles in the ways of the protests and tried to sabotage the peaceful process by blocking the ways of the rallies, abducting the activists before and during the rally and even opening direct fire and tear shells on the protests. At least six activists were abducted from GPO square in Quetta. Two of the abducted activists were identified as Sabir Baloch and Aamir Baloch; three activists were abducted from Naseerabad who were identified as Ahmad Baloch (BRP), Shah Nawaz and Lal Khan of BRSO.
Ten political activists were abducted during the protest in Jaffarabad including Ameer Khan Baloch, Jallu Baloch and Chand Kumar Baloch while the identity of the rest could not be ascertained. BRP activists from Dera Bugti reported that Pakistani forces opened indiscriminate fire on peaceful protesters in Dera Bugti where many protesters including women and children were wounded. Several activists were also abducted during the protests in Dera Bugti.

Baloch Republican Party strongly appeals to the international community, United Nations, European Union and other major international institutions to acknowledge and identify the fact that Balochistan is an occupied territory which is under the illegal occupation ofPakistani since March 27, 1948; that Pakistani forces have been committing massive atrocities, human rights violations and war crimes to justify their illegal grip over Baloch land; and that elections and parliaments of Pakistan are not the solution of Balochistan crises. We appeal to these institutions and organizations to support the just and legal struggle of Baloch people for the restoration of their freedom and sovereignty and to pressurize Pakistan to withdraw its forces from Balochistan.