Balochistan: Bodies of another two Baloch youth found in Nizarabad

561bfa76-b995-dc77Kech: Brutally tortured and bullet-ridden bodies of two previously abducted Baloch have been found in Nizarabad area of Balochistan on Sunday morning.

The bodies have later been identified as that of Asim Baloch a resident of Nizarabad and Abdul Rauf Baloch a resident of Malikabad region of Balochistan.

According to sources Asim Baloch s/o Faqir Mohammad was abducted on 2nd February 2013 by the Pakistani secret agencies while he was on his way back after attending the BNF rally in Turbat. He was abducted by forces in front of his wife and children. Abdul Rauf was reportedly abducted on 14 May 2013 from his house in Malikabad, Balochistan.

Meanwhile, the Pakistani security forces continued brutal military operation in several region of Turbat for the third consecutive day. Several houses have been attacked, looted and burned down.

The house of a commander of Baloch National Liberation Front (BNLF) Mr Mohammad Bakhsh aka Jagu Baloch was also reportedly attacked. The electricity to the house was cut off and door and windows of the house were damaged during operation. Pakistani forces also looted valuables.

At least one person namely Tufail son of Akram Baloch have been abducted and shifted to an unknown location.