Monthly Archive: June, 2013

BRP announces shutter-down and wheel-jam strike in Balochistan against Sui Massacre

Baloch Republican Party announces shutter-down and wheel-jam strike on June 26, 2013 against massacre of innocent Baloch civilians by Pakistani forces during a massive military offensive in “Sunari Tilli Matt” area of Sui… Continue reading

Sui Massacre: Pakistan’s military terror campaign continue, 8 civilians killed and 20 wounded

Pakistani forces have accelerated their atrocities in Balochistan as the human rights violations, military operations, arbitrary abductions and extra-judicial murders of Baloch civilians are in full-swing. Today, the armed forces of Pakistan launched… Continue reading

Poem on present Cheap Minister Balochistan by Mubarak Qazi

This poem on present Cheap Minister Balochistan by Mubarak Qazi prompted the bomb attack on Mubarak Qazi’s house on June 20, 2013 in which his wife got severely injured. Listen/Download: Rough translation:… Continue reading

House of Baloch National poet attacked in Pasni, his wife injured

Pakistani military goons hurled a hand grenade at the house of renowned Baloch poet Mubarak Qazi in early hours of Thursday morning leaving his wife seriously injured. According to details the assailants targeted… Continue reading

Baloch genocide continues: Dead body of abducted BRP activist Zaheer Baloch found from Karachi

Baloch genocidal policies of the state continue unabated. Military operations in different parts of Balochistan, enforced disappearance and recovery of mutilated dead bodies have seen no halt. Another abducted Baloch missing person has… Continue reading

Balochistan: Military operation in Manguchar, Ispilingi, Johan and surrounding areas, two killed

Pakistan military have started an offensive operation in Esplingi, Johan, Manguchar and other adjoining areas of Balochistan on Saturday morning. At least two people have reportedly been killed and seven have been abducted.… Continue reading