Poem on present Cheap Minister Balochistan by Mubarak Qazi

1011364_10151650243500340_1933978880_nThis poem on present Cheap Minister Balochistan by Mubarak Qazi prompted the bomb attack on Mubarak Qazi’s house on June 20, 2013 in which his wife got severely injured.


Rough translation:
Narrated by Mubarak Qazi
Translated by Borhaan Arifee

Background of the poem:

“Now let us praise Dr. Malik. It is that period when Dr. Sahib becomes minister (Education) and a green flag is mounted on his car at the right side and his Balochi flag on the left. You know I and Dr. Malik Sahib were friends and this goes to his credit.”

Congratulations for being in the good graces
Congratulations for becoming the chieftain

You have always been best at driveling
Congratulations for the empty babbling

With the police guards & green flag
Congratulations for the government gig

With the twin-horn turban & royal rosary
(meaning he knots ties with Mullas and forms a coalition government)
Congratulations for this fraternity

To suck the blood of your brothers
Congratulations for making amity with monsters

You have always sold your nation out
Congratulations you bloody sellout

You were right that Baloch are traitors
Congratulations for being the righteous

Hail you for reaching the destination
Congratulations for making it long before me

Uncle Farmer misery & hardship is written on your fate
Oh my hamlet’s shepherd: Congratulations for the perpetual hunger & decease

The world knows that you are Mubarak Qazi
Congratulations for this vexatiousness