Sui Massacre: Pakistan’s military terror campaign continue, 8 civilians killed and 20 wounded

pakistan-army-convoy3Pakistani forces have accelerated their atrocities in Balochistan as the human rights violations, military operations, arbitrary abductions and extra-judicial murders of Baloch civilians are in full-swing. Today, the armed forces of Pakistan launched a fresh major offensive in Sui areas. Dozens of vehicles of the forces laid a siege to Sonari Tilli Matt and surrounding areas and started to indiscriminately attack the innocent civilian populace.

The forces violently entered the houses and violated the sanctity of the households, harassed and tortured the residents including women and children. The forces looted the valuables from houses including cash, jewellery and livestock, and subsequently destroyed them by setting fire on them or blowing them up with explosives.

The worst of all happened when the forces attacked a ceremony held by the locals in memory of one of their deceased ones near “Sonari Tilli Matt”. The forces opened indiscriminate fire on the gathering and killed at least eight innocents and wounded around twenty others. Many among them are in critical condition and fear rises for more loss of innocent lives as the forces continue their siege around the area and deny the medical access to the wounded. The eight civilians killed in the massacre were identified as Shaban s/o Dallu, Dost Mohammad s/o Shaban, Murad s/o Dallu, Taaro s/o Jamal Khan, Angali s/o Kher Mohammad and Yousaf s/o Shehan. All the victims belong to Bugti tribe and seven of them are from same family.

Pakistani media has reported the incident as an operation against insurgents as an effort to hide the war crimes of the state forces in Balochistan. We appeal to the international community, human rights groups and the international media to send their fact-finding missions to investigate report and expose the gross Human Rights violations, atrocities and war crimes perpetrated by the Pakistani forces in Balochistan. The international media that raises voice for even smallest issues must also report the massacre of innocent Baloch and expose the real ugly face of Pakistani forces.

The military, political parties and other institutions of the state claim that there is a democratic government in Pakistan and it is run by a democratic process but the truth is that it is still ruled by its military which is responsible for Baloch genocide and atrocities in Balochistan. The state government and institutions always claim taking steps for resolving the Balochistan problem and by that they mean more intensity in Baloch genocidal policies. The state is working on a simple tactic for resolving the Balochistan crises and that is ‘No Baloch, No problem’.

Baloch Republican Party calls upon the international institutions such as United Nations and European Union to declare Balochistan an occupied territory and send their teams to investigate the war crimes of Pakistani forces.