Seminar on Human Rights violation in Balochistan highlights state atrocities against Baloch people

521c37f9-bf1c-ec5fBaloch Republican Party Sweden chapter held a seminar in Gothenburg city on June 30th against the Baloch genocide, military operations, state atrocities, human rights violations, enforced disappearances and extrajudicial killings of innocent Baloch by the Pakistani forces in Balochistan. The organisers highlighted the illegal occupation of Balochistan, war crimes against the Baloch people and Baloch nation’s struggle for restoration of a free and democratic state of Balochistan.

Ms Maria Ryden, the deputy mayor of Gothenburg and a human rights advocate also participated in the seminar and condemned the gross human rights abuses by the state forces in Balochistan. She expressed solidarity with the victims of state terrorism and said that Sweden has a very strong stance over the violations of Human Rights anywhere in the world.

The activists of the BRP Sweden chapter including president Salal Balouch addressed the seminar and highlighted the situation in Balochistan. Speakers informed the participants about the Baloch history and the continuous genocide of Baloch people by the Pakistani and Iranian regime since the illegal occupation of Balochistan by both extremist states.

The speakers said that military operations, enforced disappearances and extrajudicial murders by the Pakistani forces have become a daily routine in Balochistan. They said Pakistani forces continue to attack civilian populace with full impunity form international community and human rights organisations.

One of the latest examples of such brutal attacks is Dera Bugti on June 23 when the armed forces of Pakistan attacked a remembrance ceremony of Baloch people near Sui area and killed eight people and wounded twenty others. All the victims were the family members of Khuda Baksh Bugti, a member of Baloch Republican Party Switzerland chapter.

Separately, the Baloch Republican Party also paid tributes to Shaheed Abdul Ghaffar Langov Baloch, a Baloch political leader who was abducted by the intelligence agencies of Pakistan from Karachi on December 12, 2009 and was inhumanely tortured for two years in unknown torture cells of the Pakistani military. He was extra-judicially murdered in custody and his bullet-riddled dead body was found from Gaddani area of Hub on July 01, 2011.

The BRP called upon the international community, human rights groups and international institutions of justice to take immediate action on human rights abuses and war crimes of Pakistani forces in Balochistan and play their role to end them.