Video Evidence of Pakistani Forces Burning Houses In Mashkay Balochistan – by Faryad Baloch

A video has surfaced on Social Media showing personnel of Pakistani Security forces destroying civilian property in Balochistan.

mashkayThe recent video shows personnel of Pakistani Security forces in uniform burning houses in a village in Mashkay Balochistan in front of unarmed civilians.  In this short video, Baloch women and children of the besieged village are seen pleading to the personnel not to burn their houses as this is all they have and nowhere else to go. But the Pakistani Security personnel take no heed, callously responding that “god will give you more” and further ordering them to move along.

In the same video a Baloch woman after witnessing her house being burnt approaches the personnel and defiantly curses them in Urdu for their spineless conduct and shameless vandalism in destroying the  property of  innocent civilians. Several personnel holding weapons with fingers on the trigger are then seen advancing towards the woman.  At this point the video ends. There is no information yet as to what happened to the women and children seen in the video.  Pakistani forces are known to  routinely target women and children in Balochistan as they did in the former East Pakistan, now Bangladesh.

Pakistani media in some cases restricted by the authorities but mostly in collusion with the Security Forces refuses to report on these military operations and gross human right abuses in Balochistan.

Baloch political workers, activists on the social media and journalists, have been reporting the past few weeks of a sustained military operation in the Mashkay area of Balochistan by Pakistani forces using fighter jets and heavy artillery on civilian populations. Dozens of unarmed civilians including women and children have been reported killed. Authentic images of the death and destruction caused by these operations are widely available on the internet.

A routine operation conducted by the Pakistani Forces usually means countless civilians of all ages dead, dozens of men and in many cases women abducted, concluded by burning houses and in some instances burning entire villages to the ground.  These “operations” are routine and conducted daily across Balochistan.

It remains to be seen if the international Human Rights organizations, the UN and other respectable international institutions take notice of the latest video evidence of the gross human right abuses by Pakistani Security Forces. Despite pleas by Baloch Political Organizations and activists, these international bodies have  failed to take serious notice of the rapidly deteriorating situation in Balochistan.

Video Evidence: