ISI in Afghanistan – By Balaach Marri

  • afgh-MMAP-mdSpin Boldak, Kandahar

It was an early autumn afternoon in 2009. Someone had parked and left his donkey cart near a house on an empty street in the neighborhood. Local elders on their way to the nearby mosque, thought the unattended cart contained fruits and vegetables and were covered with an old woolen cloth to keep up the fresh fragrance.

But the thirsty donkey’s swinging dry tongue spoke otherwise. It seemed the poor animal was in deep stress and had been walking a long distance. This left the experienced old men curious. They stopped to check.

There’s a bomb!

Next thing, NATO and Afghan forces show up at the scene. They had been called by the family living inside the house. As onlookers maintain distance, NATO’s Explosives Ordinance Disposal (EOD) team approach the suspicious cart. It was nothing unusual until they found what was really hidden under the woolen cloth; 800kg of highly explosive material.

Shocked but steady, NATO’s EOD team managed to diffuse the bomb.

In the light of investigation, Afghan Police arrest an ISI agent who later confessed receiving millions of rupees for carrying out the attack. Baloch Republican Party’s Dera Bugti Head Riaz Bugti and Central Spokesman Sher Mahmad Bugti were the targets, suspect revealed.

On March 25th, 2011, another explosion rocked the same neighborhood. This time a suicide bomber blew himself killing Dur Khan Bugti and a young child. The attack left many family members being injured, including women and young children.



Dur Khan Bugti, killed in a suicide attack planned by the ISI in a Baloch Refugee camp in Afghanistan.

The suicide bomber blew himself moments after he was dropped by his partner who also got injured in the blast. Locals handed over the injured suspect to Afghan authorities. During the interrogation, suspect confessed receiving 2 crore Rs (equivalent of US$ 200K) from an I.S.I. Major in a training camp in Chaman.

After Nawab Bugti’s death in August 2006, more than 14,000 Baloch refugees, mainly from Dera Bugti, have been forced to migrate to different cities in Afghanistan. Many children and elderlies have died due to lack of healthcare support from any NGO or government facility in the host country.

Friday’s attack:

At 07:42pm local time on July 12th, 2013, as family members prepared to break their 2nd fast, a huge explosion rocked Riaz Gul’s house leaving his aged mother and 10yr old daughter critically injured.

Eyewitnesses saw two motorcyclists hurling a hand grenade into the house. The attackers managed to escape from the scene.

Riaz Gul’s younger brother Sher Baz tweeted:

Sher Baz Bugti@SB_Bugti

#Pakistan secret agencies attacked my house in Spin boldak city of #Afghanistan. my old age mother & niece r seriously inured. @secgen @hrw

2 days ago

Another brother, Gul Sher Bugti was abducted by Pakistani secret agencies in 2008. His whereabouts remain unknown.

10yr old Rajo Bibi along her aged grandmother are under treatment.

ISI in Afghanistan:

In January 2011, an Afghan journalist Nawab Momand revealed Pakistan’s spy agency the ISI offered him US$ 0.8 million to assassinate top Baloch leader Brahmdagh Bugti. Momand also revealed the plan included assassination of Indian ambassador to Afghanistan, Jayant Prasad, for another US$ 1.5million.