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Sui Massacre: Pakistan’s military terror campaign continue, 8 civilians killed and 20 wounded

Pakistani forces have accelerated their atrocities in Balochistan as the human rights violations, military operations, arbitrary abductions and extra-judicial murders of Baloch civilians are in full-swing. Today, the armed forces of Pakistan launched… Continue reading

House of Baloch National poet attacked in Pasni, his wife injured

Pakistani military goons hurled a hand grenade at the house of renowned Baloch poet Mubarak Qazi in early hours of Thursday morning leaving his wife seriously injured. According to details the assailants targeted… Continue reading

Baloch genocide continues: Dead body of abducted BRP activist Zaheer Baloch found from Karachi

Baloch genocidal policies of the state continue unabated. Military operations in different parts of Balochistan, enforced disappearance and recovery of mutilated dead bodies have seen no halt. Another abducted Baloch missing person has… Continue reading

Balochistan: Military operation in Manguchar, Ispilingi, Johan and surrounding areas, two killed

Pakistan military have started an offensive operation in Esplingi, Johan, Manguchar and other adjoining areas of Balochistan on Saturday morning. At least two people have reportedly been killed and seven have been abducted.… Continue reading

Balochistan: Bodies of another two Baloch youth found in Nizarabad

Kech: Brutally tortured and bullet-ridden bodies of two previously abducted Baloch have been found in Nizarabad area of Balochistan on Sunday morning. The bodies have later been identified as that of Asim Baloch… Continue reading

Military Operation in Tump; Baloch musician’s house burned down, two killed

“First they opened fired, then they broke into the houses looting away valuables. Women and children kept crying watching forces burn down their houses”: Eyewitnesses   HORRIFIED locals of Koshkalat, a small village… Continue reading

Military Operation in Southwest Balochistan; Houses Destroyed, Body of Abductee Dumped

By Josh Shahryar Pakistani military forces attacked two villages in the southwestern Kech district of the restive Balochistan province Friday, arresting locals, damaging property and dumping the body of a missing civilian according… Continue reading

BRP, BRSO organized protest rallies against Pakistani occupation and elections in Balochistan

Forces abducted 19 activists during the protests Baloch Republican Party and Baloch Republican Student Organization have organized protest rallies in different cities and towns of Balochistan including Shal, Noshki, Mashkay, Naseerabad, Jaffarabad and… Continue reading

Boycott Pakistani elections in Balochistan: Pro-freedom Baloch parties to launch anti election protests

Quetta: The pro-independence Baloch political parties and student organisations in their separate statements have announced to boycott Pakistani elections in Balochistan. The patriot Baloch parties that are boycotting the Pakistani elections include the Baloch… Continue reading

Rogue state Pakistan not serving purpose for which it was created: Hyrbyair Marri

London, April 12 (ANI): A senior Baloch leader has described Pakistan as a rogue state that has and will never serve the purpose for which it was created by the British in 1947.… Continue reading